Mokey’s Story

Mokey came to live with his human Mom and Dad back in December 1994.  What a lucky dog he really was in finding such a loving and caring home, right from the start of his life.  Mokey lived his life in Valatie, NY, where he no doubt loved that Husky snow every year.  Mokey made his mom and dad very happy.  He rarely ever barked or made noise.  Well, with one exception; he snored!  That’s right!  A snoring Husky! Some times at night, he would have to be nudged to get him to stop snoring.  Mokey was born with a great personality and he rarely ever left the side of his mom and dad.  They were as lucky to have him as he was to have them.

In March 2007 Mokey passed away from complications due to seizures, and his age.  He was 13 human years old.  Mokey is missed very much by his mom and dad.

Mokey is The Lucy Fund’s December 2013 calendar Model.